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Prabisha Startup Network

Key Objectives:

  1. Express Your Big Ideas
  2. Network
  3. Collaborate
  4. Make Your Mark
  5. Grow Your Business Fast

Startup Speaks

PSN has created a platform for Startup Leaders and Entrepreneurs to speak up their mind. Every week, We are conducting Video Interviews of Leaders and publishing them on various Social Media Platforms for a broader reach and visibility.

In one month, we have covered 10 highly motivated and enterprising entrepreneurs. Their stories and vision have created a buzz around. Everyday, numerous business leaders and entrepreneurs are contact ing us to join PSN. 

In next one year, we aim to bring in 100+ Entrepreneurs and Startup leaders from across the world on this platform to create a strong and dependable network of like-minded people. 

Mentoring Opportunities

Getting Mentored

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Networking Opportunities

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