Social Work

Social Startups

social entrepreneur takes initiatives to solve community-based problems. They take on the risk and make effort to create positive changes in society through their initiatives. At PSN, we encourage such changemakers and provide all possible support to their endeavours.

Glad to introduce some of such wonderful changemakers on PSN platform.

Simply Blood

We connect blood donor with blood seeker so that a donor can see visible impact created by their blood in someone’s life . Our platform connects blood donors and blood seekers on real time which reduces time. 



Samagraa is an independent, non profit, non government charitable trust. It is a passion project, run by enthusiasts for the well being and to bridge the academic and social gap of children coming from economically weak backgrounds who have gained admission in premier, mainstream schools of Delhi, under the Right to Education act, in the EWS category. Our mission is to empower these kids to strike a balance for a better socio- economic development in their lives. Our Aim is to maximise the benefit these children have been given due to the government’s policy of inclusion and help them take a leap in life, by enhancing their skills.

Vision of Samaraa

To develop happy, responsible, sensitive, academically oriented, balanced kids .  To train the children to set themselves clear goals and to encourage and direct them to work towards achieving them. To empower the children with the skills of rationalization, to enable them to take critical life decisions later. To inspire individual, responsible, creative thinking.