Frequently Asked Questions

You can join us through any of the platforms/channels.  www.linkedin.com/company/prabisha




Although our focus areas are technology, education, women empowerment, healthcare, rural development and social sector but we wish to encourage all the thought leaders who have dared to bring a change.

Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are some of the social media platforms we are using at present.


We conduct interviews through online video platforms.

We would be able to help you with various.  services like digital marketing, web development, graphic designing at a reasonable cost. Not only this but we would be able to provide all other resources through our vast startup network which is growing fast.

 It would help you reach out to the larger audience. It will give you a platform wherein you can share, collaborate and innovate new ideas with other thought leaders.

No, We do not charge any fees. You only need to get in touch with us to proceed further.

Your startup should be 6 months to 5 years old.The offerings can be regular/unique.

Investing in startups is a risky proposition, but the low requirement for overhead capital combined with high upside potential, makes it lucrative for investors to put their bets on startups.

The Thomson Reuters Venture Capital Research Index replicated the performance of the venture capital industry in 2012 and found that overall venture capital has returned at an annual rate of 20% since 1996 – far outperforming modest returns of 7.5% and 5.9% from public equities and bonds respectively.