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Prabisha Startup Network

Start Up leaders are real change makers of our times. They dare to dream.

They think and explore new ways to make our day to day life easier and better by implementing their innovative ideas on the ground.
Their ideas have the potential to change our world forever. Today, there are many examples like Oyo, Paytm, Google, Facebook, HP, Apple, Uber, Tesla, Yulu, etc. who started their journey as a startup and have changed our world forever from their unique offerings.
There are many more startup leaders who also have similar big ideas and are daring to change this world but COVID19 has impacted their life and work badly. These thought leaders need our help now much more than ever before.
At PSN, we are giving the much needed visibility to such Entrepreneurs and Startup Leaders. They all need a little support from us to  take their ideas and work to the larger audience. 
We are working on a number of ideas to create a strong, global and vibrant Startup EcoSystem and everyone is invited to be part of this valuable journey.

Who we are ?

Prabisha Startup Network is an initiative started by Prabisha Consulting, a trusted name in the area of Digital Marketing,Graphic Design and Technology Development.

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We help startup Leaders to have a common platform

Start Up leaders are real change makers of our times. They dare to dream.

Prabisha Consulting, a trusted name in the area of Digital Marketing, Graphics Design and Technology Development is launching an initiative to help such start up leaders express their big ideas and share their dreams with all of us. We need to share their wonderful ideas and let them go far and wide to help the human kind get the best of these super leaders. 

Every week, promising Start up Leaders will share their thoughts, work, learnings and future plans on the platform of Prabisha Startup Network. Join us in this mission to help our thought leaders achieve their full potential. We need to cut the clutter and provide them equitable opportunity and a promising platform for help, support and visibility.